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Puzzle Bots

Soon from Wadjet Eye Games

Life at Dr. Hugo's Factory for Making Robots has never been crazier. Zander, a gifted but absent-minded inventor, has just finished a bright-eyed little robot he calls
"Hero."  Hero is obedient, hard working, and eager-to-please.  The perfect cover.
But what do robots do when their inventors aren't looking?  When the coast is clear, Hero and his fellow robots take off on an epic journey full of curious animals, mischievous children and sleep-deprived scientists.

Will Zander win the affections of the pretty new scientist?  Will the robots meet their untimely end before the holiday shopping season? And most importantly, has anyone else noticed something weird about the layout of the factory?

Sometimes, the big questions can only be answered by little robots. 

PB_char_hero.png Hero, like his creator, is friendly and quick to accept others. However, his curious nature often leads him into trouble.

He convinces the other robots to sneak out of the bot habitat on a daily basis, always insisting nothing will happen if theyre back in time for work.
PB_char_ultra.png Built to resemble a tank, Ultrabot believes himself to be big and tough.  He will act this way until something actually frightens him, at which point he will usually try to hide behind Hero.
PB_char_kelvin.png Kelvin can set small objects on fire.  He was designed to be dangerous and impractical, as his creator, Viktor, is trying to get fired.  He was created with small arms because he kept trying to take the pack off.

He doesnt say much, but the other bots tend to bring out the best in him.  That is to say, hell grudgingly go with them and offer sarcastic comments the whole time.
PB_char_ibi.png Ibi is far less shy than her human creator Yuriko, and often splashes the other robots for her own amusement.  She doesnt say much (what with the language barrier), but prefers to communicate in clicks and whistles.  She prefers to stay in the water, because as soon as shes taken out she curls up into a little ball until shes submerged again.
PB_char_bombchelle.png Bomchelle is cute and sassy and fond of daredevil antics. She carries around a collection of bombs which she can use to destroy items that are weak or damaged.
spacer.gif THE INVENTORS
PB_char_hugo.png Dr. Hugo is the proud but stressed owner of "Dr. Hugo's Factory for Making Robots."  He bears the moustache of misplaced authority, with a clipboard to match.  He's hoping to get all the robots ready for the Christmas season.
PB_char_zander.png Zander is friendly and hard-working, albeit a bit absent-minded.  He has a trusting nature, which is trouble when you work for a mad scientist. 

He unknowingly built his robot Hero with an oversized curiousity chip, not realizing it would cause his robot to seek adventures.
PB_char_yuri.png Thanks to her many years in the Japanese school system, Yuriko is smart, industrious, and almost pathologically shy. She harbors a secret crush on Zander, which may remain a secret forever the way things are going. 

Her robot creation is Ibi.
PB_char_theo.png Theo is a college-age intern and a certifiable nerd.  He can tell you just about everything related to nerd culture, and he probably will. Hes a bit of a snob when it comes to robots, but hey, hes just a kid.

His robot creation is Ultrabot.
PB_char_viktor.png Viktors gruff exterior and blunt personality dont earn him many points with his co-workers, but he is genuinely harmless.  His work ethic is tied into the fact that he is trying to get fired.  He's also surprisingly perceptive, and the only one who knows about Yuriko's secret crush on Zander.

Viktor's robot creation is Kelvin.
PB_char_astrid.png Astrid is a bit like a flower on a cactus.  Pretty from a distance, but almost guaranteed to hurt you if you get too close.  She captures Zanders attention right away, but can be downright mean to the other employees. 

Astrids robot creation is Bomchelle.


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