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Miss Management Guide

Here is my fifth guide! It's Miss Management this time. trampoline

The link is

Of course, I've copied and pasted below.

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Warning to big time management fans: Miss Management is not your typical time management game. Instead of serving food and bussing dishes, you serve coffee and donuts and prevent the clerk and the accountant from being in a PDA (no, not personal digital assistant) at the water cooler. As you can tell, Miss Management is the funniest game since Wedding Dash 2.

Theres all the office stereotypes: the lazy middle manager, the insane workaholic, the Paris Hilton-esque princess, and even an Indian love machine who would rather nap than work. The gameplay can get pretty stressful, too. Here are some things that might happen.

Pearl is stressed from doing the finances, so shell take a break and puff some cigarettes. Luke and Ashley dont like Pearl smoking, which stresses them out. Luke and Ashley will then both want to use the bathroom to relieve stress, which may spark an argument.

All while this happens, the work on the table piles up. The only employee at his desk is Winston, which means youll have to load all the work on him. Too bad most of its art tasks; Winston is TERRIBLE at art. You can send him to the arcade machine, but work will just pile up. Plus, Pearl wont be too pleased with Winston for slacking off and playing video games. Because all the assignments are overdue, Denise overstresses and faints. Youll have to restart the day now.

As you can see, Miss Management is for EXPERIENCED TIME MANAGEMENT GAMERS ONLY. I do know that LisaAimee on PlayFirst loves Miss Management, but shes a time management GODDESS. And I noticed she asked questions in the Help section.

But before you read my fifth guide, be wary: if you are an avid HOG or puzzle or match three gamer, this game is not for you. Time management buffs (like moi) will cherish this game. Read on. Youll like it.

Gable lives in a birdhouse.

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Chapter 1

Storyline and Locations


Denise has been hired as an office manager for Conkling Associates, Intl. or C.A.I. for short. Holiday vacation has just ended, and shes very excited to start her new job!

But when she finds that the only employee, Mahavir, is napping on the sofa, she begins to become unmotivated. But Mahavir informs her that all the employees are still returning from their holiday vacations.

But when they do, Denise finds the job is more trouble than it is worth! She must deal with completing tasks, making sure employees do what they want, and making sure employees dont overstress.

Can Denise manage to bring spunk and spirit to C.A.I.? Find out in the funniest time management game ever, Miss Management!


Instead of locations, there are seasons with 6 episodes in each of them.

Season 1

You are shown the ropes in Season 1. Your office is a crappy, small room with dark carpeting and confetti everywhere. If you do well and manage to succeed here, youll get more employees and available items in OfficeTown.

Season 2

After a fresh coat of paint and some new carpeting, the office looks better than ever! But Pearl has returned from her Scandinavian cruise, and shes not too happy that Denise had made the position of office manager. This season primarily deals with the conflicts between Pearl and Denise.

Season 3

The employees are now working with Duncan Morgenstern, the middle manager at C.A.I. His ideas arent exactly working too well, much to the chagrin of Pearl, Denise, and Winston. Denise must find how to work with Duncan and must also satisfy all of the other employees in privacy.

Season 4

Now that Duncan is gone, Pearl has risen to power with forces of tyranny. She has taken control of the office, and is enforcing her useful, yet unmotivating, ideas. Shes also hired her friend Nadine and has enforced a strict ban on snacksmaking all employees angry. Theres also a mysterious projectProject PEARL. Can Denise find out what Pearl is up to?

Season 5

The final season at C.A.I. involves working with the CEO of C.A.I. Her name is Brooke Conkling, and she is also Winstons older sister. But Denise faces the biggest challenges in her office management career, including budgeting. Can Denise wrap up the game in this final season?

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Chapter 2


This chapter talks about how Miss Management is played.

Controlling Employees

You control Denise most of the time, but you can control other employees. Click on any employee to control him, then click on any object to have the employee walk over and use it. Only Denise can pick up tasks, shop at OfficeTown, and serve snacks and office supplies. Certain employees can only use certain items. For example, Mahavir can use the couch, while Winston can use the video game machine. All employees can use the water cooler, air conditioner, and stereo system.


There are two types of goals: mandatory and optional. Mandatory goals are green; optional goals are bright orange. Mandatory goals must be completed.

The types of goals you must complete are task goals, which make a certain employee finish a certain number of tasks. (Example: Tara must complete six art tasks) There are relaxing goals, which make a certain employee do something for a certain amount of time. (Example: Mahavir wants to nap for 90 seconds) And there are social goals, which require two employees to talk at the water cooler. (Example: Pearl wants to talk to Winston about the computer system for 60 seconds)

You earn one star for completing all mandatory goals. You earn two stars for completing all goals overall. You earn three goals for completing all goals in a certain number of days.


You can have an unlimited number of days in an episode. There is a clock in the upper-right hand corner that shows how much time is left before the day is over. Warnings will be displayed when the day is halfway over and when the day is almost over. If all of the goals are completed in a certain number of days, you earn three stars for that episode. Some certain goals must be completed in one day.


Tasks appear at the long table at the bottom of the screen. Click on a task to have Denise walk over and grab the task, then click on a cubicle to deliver the task. You can deliver tasks when employees are away from their cubicles, and you can also stack tasks. You can also have Denise pick up tasks from cubicles and give them to other employees. Green tasks are financial, blue tasks are technical, orange tasks are art, and purple tasks are writing. If the task isnt worked on for a certain amount of time, it will flash red, which stresses Denise out.

Employee Skills

On every employees cubicle are arrows of different colors. If the arrow is blue, for example, it symbolizes technical skill. If the arrow is pointing upward, the employee is very skilled at those tasks and finishes them quickly. If there is merely a dot, the employee is so-so at those tasks. If the arrow points downward, the employee is bad at those tasks and takes a long time to finish them. Here is an example. Winston has a blue arrow pointing up on his cubicle, which means hes good at technical tasks. He has green and purple dots on his cubicle, which means hes so-so at financial and writing tasks. He has a yellow arrow pointing down on his cubicle, which means he does poorly with art tasks. See how they work?


Every employee has a thermometer by his head. The fuller the thermometer is, the more stressed the employee is. If the thermometer fills up all the way, the employee will faint and will leave for the rest of the day. Employees are stressed when they do work and/or when other employees do things that bother them. Employees lose stress by doing nothing, chilling out at the water cooler, and relaxing by doing their favorite thing. Every employee has a favorite thing. Pearl likes to smoke in the lounge, while Tara would rather draw her Japanese manga on the whiteboard.

Bothersome Things

Sometimes things employees do bother other employees. For example, Timothy likes to microwave stroganoff, but Mahavir gets nauseous because of the stench. Mahavir would rather nap, but Tara doesnt think Mahavir should be so lazy. When employees are bothered, they get stressed out much easier.


Every time a task is completed, Denise earns a few dollars. You can use the money to buy snacks and office supplies. Donuts lower employee stress, while coffee gives employees a coffee buzz, making them finish tasks a little quicker. There are also manuals, making employees more skilled in a certain task for the rest of the day. For example, a financial manual makes an employee a little more skilled with financial tasks.

The Water Cooler

Everyone can relax at the water cooler, but its not at good as relieving stress as other things do. If two employees are at the water cooler simultaneously, they socialize. Luke is able to make herbal tea at the water cooler, but only if he is at the water cooler alone.

Air Conditioner

The air conditioner relaxes everyone in the office. Just send any employee over to turn the A/C on or off. Not everyone likes the air conditioner on, however.

Stereo System

The stereo system works just like the A/C. Different people like and dislike music, however.

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Chapter 3


This chapter talks about the different employees in Miss Management.


Here are all the employees, in all their glory. This shows what they do to relax, what they dont like other employees doing, and what tasks they are good and bad at.


Denise is the office manager at C.A.I. She can grab and deliver tasks and shop at OfficeTown.

Skills: N/A

Favorite Thing To Do: N/A

Doesnt Like: Overdue tasks


Mahavir is an Indian clerk at C.A.I. He is a ladies man who tries to make his move on Tara, Ashley, Nadine, Brooke, and even Denise! Instead of working, hed rather nap. Nobody can stand him, but Pearl doesnt care about him at all.

Skills: So-so at all tasks

Favorite Thing To Do: Take naps on the couch

Doesnt Like: Writing tasks, other people using the couch, people who force him to work, the smell of stroganoff


Timothy is the local workaholic. Hes always on edge and has been known to go in a fit. But he has a change of heart after Denise tells him to not take his job so easily.

Skills: Good at financial tasks, bad at art tasks, so-so at all other tasks

Favorite Thing To Do: Microwave stroganoff in the kitchen

Doesnt Like: Employees slacking off, art tasks, air conditioning


Tara is a skilled manga artist who is also very shy. She just wants to keep to herself and draw her manga, but Mahavir and Pearl think otherwise!

Skills: Good at art tasks, bad at financial and technical tasks, so-so at writing tasks

Favorite Thing To Do: Draw manga on the whiteboard

Doesnt Like: Writing tasks, people talking to her, Mahavir napping on the couch


Winston is the local tech support guy. He tends to be calm, but he hates Pearl and Mahavir. He is awesome at technology-related tasks, and he loves to play video games!

Skills: Good at technical tasks, bad at art tasks, so-so at financial and writing tasks

Favorite Thing To Do: Play video games

Doesnt Like: Timothy, Pearl, other people playing his video games


Pearl has worked at C.A.I. for 40 years. She believes that she should boss everybody around, since shes been around longer than anyone else! She rubs Denise the wrong way, but she doesnt mind Mahavir slacking off for some reason. Hmm

Skills: Good at art, technical and financial tasks, so-so at writing tasks

Favorite Thing To Do: Microwave popcorn, smoke cigarettes in the lounge

Doesnt Like: Anyone but Mahavir slacking off, air conditioning, music


This hippie is also a freelance writer that Denise knows. He has a pretty weak immune system, so he spends lots of time either in the bathroom or at the water cooler.

Skills: Good at writing, bad at art and financial tasks, so-so at technical tasks

Favorite Thing To Do: Make herbal tea at the water cooler, use the bathroom

Doesnt Like: Air conditioning, smoke, other people hogging the bathroom, Nadine


Mr. Duncan Morgenstern is without a doubt the worst middle manager of all time. He would rather use his so-called morale boosting exercises than work. His plans include cross-training and only four tasks a day.

Skills: So-so at all tasks

Favorite Thing To Do: Draw graphs on the whiteboard, play video games

Doesnt Like: Come to think of it, he doesnt not like anything


Duncans niece is a spoiled Paris Hilton-esque princess who has a knack for art-related tasks. She gets angry if she doesnt get her way, and she loves to talk to Denise and Pearl about her dates.

Skills: Good at art tasks, bad at financial, technical and writing tasks

Favorite Thing To Do: Apply make-up in the bathroom

Doesnt Like: Air conditioning, music, smoke, other people hogging the bathroom


Pearls ex-colleague is also a control freak. Talented with both accounting and word processing skills, she wants to do all the work herselfand she really thinks Luke reeks!

Skills: Good at financial and writing tasks, bad at art tasks, so-so at technical tasks

Favorite Thing To Do: Smoke cigarettes in the lounge

Doesnt Like: Music, other people slacking off, Luke, other people doing financial and writing tasks, technical and art tasks


The CEO of C.A.I. is also Winstons older sister. Shes obsessed with working out, but shes basically stress with limbsshe doesnt want anyone else to do work!

Skills: Good at all tasks

Favorite Thing To Do: Run on the treadmill

Doesnt Like: Other people doing work, people slacking off

Gable lives in a birdhouse.

That is all.

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Chapter 4

Work Hard or Hardly Work

This chapter talks about how you can manage the work that comes in.

Tasks and their Colors

There are four different types of tasks.

Art tasks are orange. They involve graphing most of the time. For some reason, women tend to be better at these tasks than men. People who are good at art tasks are Tara, Pearl, Ashley, and Brooke.

Financial tasks are green. They involve budgeting and accounting. People who are good at financial tasks are Timothy, Pearl, Nadine, and Brooke.

Technical tasks are blue. They involve software and installation. People who are good at technical tasks are Winston, Pearl, Nadine, and Brooke.

Writing tasks are purple. They involve typing on a word processor. People who are good at writing tasks are Luke, Nadine, and Brooke.

Employee Skills

Skills of each employee are shown on each cubicle using a system of arrows. You can improve employee skills by buying manuals at OfficeTown.

Manuals cost $8. You can give them to any employee to improve their skill in that subject for the remainder of the day. For example, if you buy a financial manual and give it to Ashley, shell be good at financial tasks for the rest of the day. The next day, shell be bad at financial tasks again.

Gable lives in a birdhouse.

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Chapter 5

Tips and Tricks

This chapter is full of tips and tricks perfect for Miss Management.

Dont turn on the air conditioner and music stereo at the same time unless you need to! Some people hate air conditioning, some people hate music, and some people hate both!

Dont waste your money on donuts and coffee. Later on youll get cinnabuns and cappuccinos, which are much more effective.

If people need to complete lots of tasks for one of their goals, deliver lots of manuals to them. Theyll be good at lots of tasks, so they can finish work more efficiently.

The water cooler calms everyone down, but its not as relaxing.

Sometimes multiple people can use one thing. Tara likes to sit alone on the couch, and Mahavir likes to nap on the couch. Usually, when two people like the same thing and one of them is using it, the other person who likes it gets angry.

Two people can smoke cigarettes in the lounge at a time. It also causes twice the stress, so watch Luke and Ashleys stress thermometers!

One more thing: try to be fair. You dont want one employee to do all the work and have the others relax!

Gable lives in a birdhouse.

That is all.
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