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RE: 25 Random Things About Me

Yeah well I remember the day you and your sister were born!! So I can not believe ya'll are 33!!

Is Katelyn going to Junior University at Granby? and what Middle school is she going to? I am aiming for Blair

May your troubles be less,may your blessings be more,and may nothing but happiness come through your door

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25 random things about me:

1. I have a

2. I've skipped school before. [those freakin' dares!]

3. I get straight As[not including the Bs I get every now and then].

4. I've climbed my school roof before.[another dare]

5. I'm a texting freak.

6. The song Right Round is [still] stuck in my head.

7. I have a puppy Golden Retreiver.

8. I'm drinking Red Bull right now.trampoline

9. I just got enough money for a Corrvette. [bring on the license!]wink

10. I love to watch South Park and Family Guy.


12. I love candy.[like about 99% of Americans]

13.  My alarm is my brother pouring water on my head.

14. I have an 11 year old sister.

15. I have over 30 skateboards.

16. I used to love to surf when I lived in Cali.

17. I won a breakdancing competition.

18. I have a broken arm.

19. I love to party!

20. I hate going shopping with my mom.

21. I'm a big fan of Sims.

22. I used to be my football team's QB.

23. I've had my own concert before. [no lie, one time I got 10 whole people to come!]

24.I have a recording studio in my basement.

25. I love hangin' out with all you HH members.

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Theres a champion inside everyone.

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Cody, I agree with #21! Have you bought the latest Sims 3 game yet? I have it, and plan to buy the expansion packs. I hope they still have pet-themed and vacation-themed expansions, like they've done for previous Sims games.

Gable lives in a birdhouse.

That is all.

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Yeah Ben, I have bought the new Sims 3. Last night I was up all night playing it. I'm gonna try to get all the Sims games. It would be cool to have the pet and vacation themed extentions, hopefully they come out!

Theres a champion inside everyone.

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1.  When I have trouble sleeping, I enjoy playing casual games on my DracBook inside my coffin.
2.  I detest vegetables.  Vegetables are what food eats.
3. I was upset to find out you could not buy or sell human organs on ebay.
4. I am a strong proponent of equal rights and fair treatment for the undead and nonliving. 
5.  I hate the Harkers.
6.  And the Van Helsings too.
7. I enjoy visiting with mortals around the world through Facebook, Twitter, and message boards, but sometimes, nothing beats a good old-fashioned grab and bite in a dark secluded park or alley.
8. I have been transforming into a bat for centuries, but I still have no idea where my clothes go.
9. It takes me a very long time to comb my hair after I get up.  No reflection, you know.  Thank the darkness for gel.
10.  I do not think a "holy water shower" is a funny prank.
11.  I am invincible.  There is no way to really kill or even hurt me.  Crosses?  Stakes?  Sunlight? Bah!  All mythology.
12.  I lie whenever it suits my purpose. (see #11)
13.  I do not sparkle.
14.  Sometimes, I wish I could have more variety in my diet.
15.  Every time I transform into a swarm of biting stinging insects, I always feel itchy when I'm done.
16. I enjoy most varieties of blood.  B+?  Delicious.  AB- is exquisite, but B-?  Blech.  It's like the black jelly bean of blood types.
17. I am grateful that books and movies like Twilight have made vampires so cool. Makes things so much easier for me.  Vampire-themed party at the winery this weekend by the way!  Bring your friends!
18. If you don't invite me into your home, I can't come in and drink your blood.  But I WILL send you a scathing note, talking about how rude you are and how they don't teach manners like they did in the Old Country.
19.  Blessed objects hurt me, right?  But what happens when a priest blesses a person?  Does that mean I can't touch them?  Is there blood blessed? Hmmm...perhaps I'll arrange an experiment with some minions to find out.
20.  I don't mind werewolves.  I rather like their howling, and they can be very useful, as long as they know their place.
21. I enjoy long walks on the beach, but only at night.  Most sunscreens are ineffective, and I refuse to apply SPF 100.  Makes me look ridiculous.
22.  Fake tanning spray does not suit me, but some other vampires like it.  Losers.  Embrace what you are.
23. I rather like this Batman fellow. He has some good ideas.  Not sure about the spandex though.
24. I am a master of dark magic and black arts.  I have read the Book of Legion from flesh-bound cover to flesh-bound cover.  But I still can't solve the frickin' Rubik's Cube.  Maddening!
25. It would be best if you submit to my will now.  It will be less pleasant in the future.  And if you act now, you'll get a special commemorative Draco is my Master pin! (all you pay is shipping and handling)


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Vladimir Draco wrote:

16. I enjoy most varieties of blood.  B+?  Delicious.  AB- is exquisite, but B-?  Blech.  It's like the black jelly bean of blood types.

Celebrating my B-  !! 

I've always wanted to be compared to a jelly bean cuz they are so cute!

And apparently vampire proof.




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I don't think I have laughed so hard in a LONG while!

Thank You UUMMM Master??(not in this lifetime mister) Sir Draco

May your troubles be less,may your blessings be more,and may nothing but happiness come through your door

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I hadnt heard of the JU at granby. kaytlynn applied and got accepted to the Young Scholars Program at Ruffner Academy, so that is where she will be going for middle school. there were 140 kids applying for 40 spots and thank God they chose her. To apply for that you have to be declared gifted intelligence not just gifted, i still dont see how i got a gifted kid...lmbo, so very proud of her. Megan & gracie are in 1st grade can not believe that time flies when you are having fun.


In the mood for a game.

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