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RE: 25 Random Things About Me

He got called to the principal's office because she was a female, and thought the muscular tanned ponytail guy on the Harley needed a good spanking! lol.


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groupRob, I don't believe that you got a spanking. right rightright!?!?!?!?group


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Well, here goes: 

  1. I jumped out of an airplane when I was 19.  Just the once.  Static line.  My radio didn't work and I couldn't hear my instructor tell me which way to aim to land.  That was it for me.
  2. I got my motorcycle license just shy of my 40th birthday.  I rode only three years and -- even tho' I own 3 motorcycles (none of them roadworthy, I'm afraid) -- I haven't ridden in years.
  3. I also was a hippie when young, demonstrating every weekend to end the war.  At the same time I had a job where I was responsible for deciding what gun dealers got the allotment of AR-15s made (commercial M16s) commercially in the U.S.
  4. I lived with roommates for 17 years -- 11 years in a three bedroom duplex I bought when I was 30. 
  5. I didn't get married until I was 47 -- we had been together 11 years and bought a house together by then.
  6. I have four women I've been friends with since we were 8 years old.  We try to get together and go the beach for a week or long weekend every year or so.  My high school best friend remains one of my best friends.
  7. I worked in engineering for 11 years and my best friend lived in Florida.  I always visited during summer shutdown, so I've almost always been in Florida in the height of summer (one trip to Miami in February and one to Tampa in June).  Altho' it's popular, I always say you couldn't pay me enough to live there.  Flat, no decent trees, and bugs the size of the Concorde.  No thanks.  Also, I am partial to the change of seasons.
  8. One of my best vacation trips was two weeks in California -- I got a full size Thunderbird since they were out of the subcompacts I had rented.  It was a blast.  2,000 miles with friends in the two weeks.  The second best vacation was two weeks driving south with my husband -- our 'mooch our way to Florida' trip -- visiting all friends up and down the Eastern seaboard. 
  9. Do love to travel -- my favorite places to go to are the coast of Maine and the Catskill mountains.  Need to see more of the country before I die!  And get abroad!  One of my best friends lives in Wales, UK and I would just love to visit GB.  I'm of Irish heritage and would love to go there, too.
  10. I love to read -- have always read at least two or three (or more) books a week until the past few years.  Now I'm a PC gaming fool and don't read like I used to.
  11. I'm blessed with having a very close family.  We all mean a lot to each other and try to see one another often.
  12. Although I never had children of my own, I consider all four of my grandchildren mine; since I've been with their grandfather since oldest (now 19) was a baby.
  13. I've always owned standard transmission cars until my latest one -- traded my first PT Cruiser in for a Cruiser with an automatic but with a slap stick (can still manually shift) and a turbo.
  14. I drive too fast,  See #13 above in re: turbo.  I do consider myself an excellent driver, and driving long distances never bothers me - See #8.
  15. I grew up a blonde, but had brown hair by the time I was 30.  Definitely go for the blond highlights or I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror.
  16. I have to have at least two to four coffees every morning and two Pepsis during the day.
  17. I can't see as well with my contact lenses as I can with my normal vision for reading, or my glasses for driving -- so I never wear them.
  18. I'm a smoker.  Hi Pinky, DB, Gable and Jeny!  I'd like to quit since I've developed smoker's cough, but can't seem to get my head around it.  I did successfully quit for a whole 3-1/2 months about 16 months ago, so I know I can do it.  [Hope you're doing well, Cinaberry!]  But...  I really enjoy it.  P.S.  In my younger days, I never had a problem inhaling (smile).
  19. In addition to PC gaming, I am (almost) addicted to eBay.  I buy tons of stuff on there -- just about all my Christmas presents for others, music, etc. 
  20. I work as a legal secretary and like it a lot but my dream job is purchasing agent, which I did for about six months.  Really enjoyed it.
  21. I never wear shoes in the house -- mine or anyone else's (well... If I can get away with it).
  22. I can be pretty shy and reticent at times, altho' I don't give that appearance -- but at other times, if I'm comfortable with you, I can be very gregarious.
  23. I don't much care for clothes shopping and buy most of my clothes on-line.
  24. I can't cook very well, but have given a bang-up Thanksgiving dinner in my family for over 25 years.  I am known for my pumpkin pie.
  25. I can't believe I can come up with 25 (well, 24) random things about me!  In re-reading this, 11 years this and that seems to show up quite a bit.  Hmm.  Must be my lucky number!


Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves -- for they shall never cease to be amused.

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I know I've already posted a list of 25 things, but I thought of 25 others. This is list 26-50.

*breathes deeply* OK, here goes...

26. I have never liked ketchup for some reason. The smell of it makes me nauseous. ashamed
27. I don't see why everyone loves Plantasia. huh
28. The only HOG game I like is Dream Chronicles.
29. I am learning to play the trombone and probably will never pick one up again after I graduate.
29. I would rather gouge my eyes out than watch Richard Simmons' exercise and pilates videos. WORK IT GIRLS, WORK IT!

30. I once (accidentally) ran into a fire hydrant on my bicycle. Unfortunately, everyone at the 7-Eleven across the street saw. disbelief

31. I have never shopped an BFG at never will.
32. My sexuality has been questioned (several times). I'm straight. They think otherwise. sigh
33. I have two younger brothers, ages nine and six. Matthew likes Chocolatier and Virtual Villagers, and Nathan likes Tasty Planet.
34. I have been offered a cigarette by the same guy thrice in one day. smoking

35. I still imagine Rob as the short, bald guy everyone knows and loves.

36. I was once friends with a guy sent to an alternative school for smoking cocaine. Now, I wonder why I was ever friends with him at all. cry

37. I get straight A's. Except for that time in fifth grade when I got a C+ in history.

38. My birthday was two days ago. bdaycake
39. My younger brothers are trained in tae kwon do, a Korean form of martial arts. A good reason not to argue with them.
40. People mat refer to me as a goody-goody two shoes or a suck-up.angel3 I call them stupid.slow

41. I have never drank coffee in my life, ever. Not even decaf. coffeecup
42. Even though my friends see me as carefree, I have really violent dreams.censored

43. I don't text very quickly, but I can text without looking at the keypad. 
44. I own a Nintendo Wii. 
45. I used to play Sims a lot, but not since I've discovered PF. 
46. I have a secret crush on LisaAimee from PF. DON'T TELL HER!
47. I am at my dad's house right now. 
48. I'm running out of things to tell you. 
49. I still own a SNES system, but never play on it. 
50. That's all I'm posting about myself! 

Gable lives in a birdhouse.

That is all.

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1. I am 28 years old and still love to watch cartoons with my kids. Sometimes I even find myself watching them when the kids aren't home!

2. I am medicated for a condition I've had for 12 years. Without my medication, I have withdrawls.

3. I am currently enrolled in nursing school.

4. My husband was laid off from work and now we have no income coming in. We're still fighting with unemployment.

5. I'm such a girly girl. I love cats, flowers, and the color pink.

6. I have two sisters who get on my nerves so bad but I can't stay away from them. I also have one brother who's a bit crazy.

7. My parents abonded me when I was 4 years old. My grandmother raised me and I call her mama. :)

8. I still have the same best friend that I had when I was 4.

9. My favorite fruit is blueberries.

10. I hate mayonaise.

11. There are these two boys who stole my heart. They call me mom.

12. I live in Alabama. Yes, we do have indoor plumbing. smile

13. I love to knit!

14. I am a gameaholic. I love my computer.

15. I have to put lemon juice in my water if I get it from the faucet at home.

16. I love to cook and sew too.

17. My last name is not spelled the way it sounds. As a matter of fact, it isn't spelled like it sounds at all.

18. I am currently having a love affair with my school. I love learning nursing!

19. I hate to drive but have to do it anytime we go somewhere.

20. I want to learn how to play the piano.

21. I am addicted to myspace.

22. My favorite pasttime is watching my boys play baseball.

23. My husband and I have been  married for 8 years but it still feels like we're newlyweds. He's my inspiration.

24. I used to be religious but not so much anymore.

25. I can't stand rednecks.


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well here it goes. Might have to call hubby and ask  him to name 25 things about me , but they might not be approtiate for a website lol.

1.  My first name is Derinda my dad actually came up with that name .

2.  My middle name is Lea named after my dad's father but his was spelled Lee

3.  I love to camp, I thought tenting was awesome now since we have a RV I dont think I could I could sleep on the ground or pee in the woods again lol.

4.  I love love to fish.  I can spend hrs upon hrs at the riverbank.  The only problem is I will not put worms on. bleh.gif They remind me of snakes.  Hubby one time told me if I was to fish again with him I had to put my own worms on .  So I got a pair of gloves out and a pair of pliers out and put the worm on that way.  Time I got the worm on it was disgusting .  Hubby felt bad and puts my worms on for me now lol.  See, I knew what I was doing all the time

5.  I love the Steelers.   I love the NFL with a passion more then hubby.  When football season starts the NFL channel is always on at my house.

6. Made hubby get direct TV at the camper so I wouldnt miss my STeeler games in Sept lol.

7.  I love to read.  I can spend hrs reading.  My fav is taking a good book.  something to drink , my smokes, fill the bathtub with hot water and read.   It's so peaceful and the only quite place in the house nobody will bother me lol.

8.  My favorite books are from Danielle Steele. I just finished the Twilight Series and those was alot better then I thought they would be.

9.  I love Harry Potter.  I have seen all the movies a a million and one times .  I have read all the books.   Went to Walmart at midnight got the last book and stayed up the whole time till it was finished.

10.  I use to cross stich alot .  I made alot of Christmas presents that way , but its been a long time since I have done that . Now it makes my eyes hurt lol.

11.  I make hubby take me to 3 Steeler games a yr in Pittsburgh

12.  My favorite foods are pizza, and my homemade lasagna

13.  Pepsi is my favorite drink and I drink way to much of it lol.

14.  Not much a drinker., I think I might get drunk once a yr and that is it.  I use to party alot before hubby and I had our son, but after I had him I just dont drink like I use to .

15.  This coming August will be 15 yrs I have been married.  He is my best friend and I love him to death even though he is a anti Steeler fan lol.  But he is good to me and takes me to Steeler games

16.  Im a night person , if I could I would stay up all night and sleep during the day.

17. I have a very bad  habit of taking naps in the afternoon lol.  If I take any kind of nap then Im up all night long and then its hell getting back up at 630 in the morning to get kiddo ready for school

18.  Im a very loyal friend once I get to know you .

19.  one of my biggest downfalls is telling somebody no.  I hate it especially if you are a friend of mine.  I hate to hurt people's feelings.  I have pd the price sometimes of not saying no lol

20.  I hate to talk on the phone or cell phone.  Hubby always calls me on the cellphone and I hate it lol

21.  Im a reality tv junkie.  Hubby sits there and complains and laughs because I tape all these stupid reality shows, but they are funny and I like to make fun of them and watch the cat fights lol.

22.   My favorite good not reality shows are ER which Im deeply going to miss after this season.  CSI,  the 11th hr, Private Practice

23.  Even though Im at home at nights I DVR all my shows just so I dont have to watch commercials lol

24.  Im not much of a sweets eater unless its time of the month and then its like I  have never had sweets in my life lol.

25.  I hate veggies lol. Not all of them just most of them.  Green Beans, raw carrots, cauliflower is the ones I like and corn but that is a starch lol

glad this over with. Now Pinky I can still play in the compeitions.

oh one more thing

26.  Im going to start paying off some of these ladies on these games or stalk them so they can show me how to get these high scores they are getting biggrinwink



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Gee Steeler I think you might be a relation to Margie and I...Margie find out lol doesn't she sound just like dad's Pa family?

May your troubles be less,may your blessings be more,and may nothing but happiness come through your door

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25 things huh? Random? Well let's see...

1) I come from an all Italian family

2) My husband and I were both born on the same day, different month and my mom and dad were too.

3) I'm 5'1 and my husband is 6'6

4) I have this strange obsession with popping zits (don't ask)

5) I took swimming lessons when I was younger, didn't get it then later on taught myself

6) Same as above with riding a bike

7) I daydream far too often

8) I prefer blue since it's my fav color, but look better in certain shades of red

9) While I am easily amused, I am not easily entertained

10) I don't drive on the highway anymore

11) I don't like alcohol, except for a certain brand of champagne that I have on special occasions

12) I can't stand sweet pickles but love dill ones

13) While my mom enjoys cleaning, I did not inherit her cleaning gene

14) I can't cook unless it comes in a box or can be microwaved

15) I have one younger brother who is the complete opposite of me personality wise

16) I don't mind sharing, except when it comes to the computer

17) I don't like shopping for myself, but have no problem shopping for my little girl

18) I enjoy playing old school NES games and still have the original system (the thing still  works!)

19) I'm not really into sports, but I do enjoy a good game of tennis (not against my husband though, he cheats by bouncing the ball over my head, lol)

20) I love going to the spa, every anniversary my husband refills my giftcard. I prefer this to getting anything for holidays, birthday etc

21) I find Emeinem songs hilarious

22) I enjoy reading and am currently reading the Twilight series. (I do like a good vampire story, lol)

23) I enjoy sleeping but don't get much of it these days

24) I enjoy stargazing and am learning to recognize some patterns

25) I'm not a very good gardener, but I don't have a problem with tomatoes


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Thats so cute Xchain. I am picturing you standing next to your hubby, lol. I can really relate to a lot of what you said, except for # 11 of course.

I suck at gardening. My hubby and I sort of compete with our gardens. His plants always live and mine die! His are not in the full sun all day and mine are. I try to pick flowers that say full sun, but most still die. The only thing that has lived are my japanese bushes (forget the exact name). I have raised them since little babies. I'm so proud they have been alive for at least 5 years!

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Rob, rob, rob, rob, rob:

Alright I am intrigued especially by two items on your list.

You said you love to organizae chaos.   Now I can think on one off the top of my head,  but I would love more ideas for organizing chaos.    I think I might be good at that!

I think helping to organize this website might be considered organizing chaos, but I really don't want to irritate Latte by saying that and besides, I actually think her chaos is done especially well.    Any other chaotic ideas that you are specifically proud of?

The second intriguing item on your list in that you are considered an "idea" man.  Who has offered you this title and what are some of your favorite ideas?


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I know that this is an old post but Pinky and Steeler recommended I fill one out.
Here it goes...

1. I'm a Gemini.

2. I have three nieces.

3. I am the only girl and the youngest of 5 children. My oldest brother is 15 years older than I am.

4. I am engaged to be married (have been for a year) we have been together for 8 years but have no intentions on getting married anytime soon... not sure why we got engaged;)

5. I have a dog (Kloe) and a cat (Fudge, my niece named her) both are 11 months old and a lot of fun. 

6. I'm allergic to cats! Fiancé wanted one and I couldn't say no. He had already fallen in love with the cat by the time I got home.

7. I used to swim competitively. To this day there is nothing I would love more than to be in a pool all day long. I had to quit when I was diagnosed with a disease that has since left. One of my life regrets was never getting back into the pool.

8. I love to be organized and for the most part I always am.

9. I recently moved to my current location from Chicago, IL. I lived there for a few years. I often wish I was still there but I love the atmosphere that I am in now. Still not a Cubs fan!

10. Joeswife is the only reason I ever started writing in the forums (PF). She asked for my help in Dress Shop Hop and I had no other choice... LOL. I had been a member for over a year but always tried to say away from them. After today I learned that it was wise notion.

11. I have a degree in Merchandising Management and I am convinced that I will never use it.

12. Wedding Dash games are my favorite to play (minus WD3 thus far)

13. I have a scripted 13 tattoo on my wrist. It's for some great beginnings in my life and one very sad ending.

14. I just finished reading the Twilight series. It took me about two weeks. I can't casually read a book. If I could I would read the whole book from front to back in one sitting (I have done that before).

15. I love to play Mario Kart on our Wii but I rarely do.

16. My favorite movie is Serendipity. I also love the words meaning.

17. I am going to be a Maid of Honor this summer at my best friends wedding. I have known her for over 20 years.

18. I would love to learn how to play the guitar. I won one last year and it is just sitting there... mocking me.

19. I have moved 10 times in the last 6 years.

20. I like being aloof, maybe that is why this is so hard to finish.

21. I want to own a Chocolate Lab some day and name it Mousse.

22. I drink nothing but Diet Pepsi and Green Tea (yum)

23. I've fallen in love with HH. It's a great place to be.

24. I believe in Karma; don't live and breather by it but I believe there is some truth behind it all.

25. After doing this... I'm as boring as I thought;) bored
If there is anything else you would really like to know about me just ask! mrey

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ok here goes..

1. I'm 36 years young. Mentally I'm in my 20s, physically in my 40s I think.
2. I was born with club feet, and have chronic osteo-arthritis in my ankles as a result of lots of operations to correct the malformity.
3. I have been married for 9 years in November to someone who is also my best friend.
4. We have 2 lovely children, Alexander (5) and Rowan (3).
5. We were told we'd never be able to bear children naturally after 3 years of trying - PCOS for me, low sperm count for him - a month after we were put on the waiting list for ICSI I fell pregnant. 11 months after Alexander was born we stopped using birth control and hoped to fall pregnant within 3 years.. it took 3 WEEKS!
6. I am a part qualified accountant.
7. I am trying to study
8. I am great at starting things, but not so good at finishing them. (See 6 and 7)
9. I love to read - favourite writer is Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake and Meredith Gentry series of books).
10. I play online MMORPGs as well as casual games.
11. I met my husband while we were live roleplaying, both dressed as cat-people in a field full of other live roleplayers. I was second in command of one of the "evil" factions..
12. I still play AD&D every two weeks - my husband GMs, my sister, brother, brother's girlfriend, brothers ex-wife's brother, and two of our friends who initially we met online are also in the group.
13. We keep tropical fish.
14. I got a speeding ticket the other day - while collecting my sister from hospital!
15. I drive a purple car.
16. I love horror films - cheesy ones too!
17. I occasionally read romances and girly fiction and enjoy it.. but don't admit it in public very often.
18. I'm a FaceBook addict
19. The last erotic dream I had (I don't have them often!) was about Aaron Eckhart.
20. I think the lad that played Peter Pan in the remake recently was far too cute and feel dreadful thinking about that about someone who is supposed to be only about 14. (the actor was 17 I think, but that doesn't help much!)
21. My husband is the spitting image of John Malkovich.
22. I HATE South Park.
23. I sometimes cry at sad movies (though only if I'm watching them on my own). the last tv programme to make me cry was "Ghost Whisperer".
24. I always seem to catch popular tv shows a series or two too late. I have only just discovered the joys of "Heroes" and am watching series 2. Lost I'm up to S4, and House I'm working through... I'm dreadfully disappointed "the 4400" was cancelled.
25. I'm not a good cook, but I always get complimented on my potato salad.

~~~~~~~ Ariadne

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Can I just say I love this thread! I love learning random facts about everyone...

Ariadni, your #25 made me lol.. I am a horrible cook. My mother in law will never come to dinner when we invite her, but for some reason she loves my potato salad. I just use potatos, eggs, celery, green onions and mayo.

I just saved money on my Mental Insurance by switching to Psycho!

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   Love this thread too Summer!!  Hope our newer members will be posting here too, and telling us all their secrets, lol.

Latte, GET OUT OF MY POST!!!!!!!  lol 

I'm not a turd, I'm not, I'm not!! 
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Summer - my potato salad is potatoes, salad cream (I am not sure you have quite the same sort over there, it's not mayo, but sharper taste), chopped cucumber, crispy onion bits (for shaking on salads) and baco pieces (the soya bacon flavoured stuff you also put on salads)..

comes from my student days when I hadn't a clue what I was doing, and mixed some random ingredients together. This was one of the few successes..

~~~~~~~ Ariadne

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Under the advisement of the management I am filling in this post with the clutter of my mind. (somewhat under duress) Just kidding, but it is hard to type with one hand while the other arm is being twisted! ;-)

1. Ugh! I just turned 40 this year. I don't feel it or look it, so it's really pretty painless.

2. For some reason I have been possesed to get married three times even though I function better on my own and am not fond of being a wife.

3. Do  not take #2 to mean I do not love my husband. I wouldn't have named myself 'joeswife' if I wasn't happy to be just that!

4. Joe is 10 years younger than I am!! This explains why I have a two-year-old now and am always tired.

5. I am a stubborn, independent only child. I love organizing anything and everything, crunching numbers, and making graphs. If I want something done right, I'll do it myself or tell you how I want it done. Wonder why people don't like that?

6. I teach English, but I am also certified in Math as well as Reading and English as a Second Language. I may not make much money, but I should always be able to find a job.

7. I am a native Texan and plan to always live in my great state (y'all).

8. Rroselynn being here is what brought me to this site. When I saw she was a member, I knew it was a fun place with a level of maturity and intelligence that other site was losing.

9. I collect flamingoes and Marilyn Monroe memorabilia.

10. I started playing PC games almost a year ago. WD2 and Flo on the Go are my favorites.

11. I also play games on the Wii and my new Nintendo DSi. We have a PS3, but I only play poker on it...too many buttons...

12. I am a tomboy. I played volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, and ran track during my school years and a bit in college.

13. I played in my first basketball tournament when I was in first grade. We got second place.

14. If shopping were a sport, I would be a gold medalist. What my daddy taught me about sports, my mom gave me in shopping expertise.

15. I do not believe in the joys of cooking. I have a trivet that says, "The only reason I have a kitchen is that it came with the house."

16. My 9-year-old son is the smartest kid around! Just ask me, and I'll tell you all about him!
Can you tell I'm proud?

17. I am a picky eater. I hate tomatoes, but I like catsup/ketchup. I don't like onions, but I like onion rings. Unlike lots of poeple I know, I like mushrooms. Weird, huh?

18. No matter how bad a season goes, I support the Texas Rangers baseball team. I love first baseman, Chris Davis (even when he can't hit).

19. I was raised as a Cowboys fan of course, but abandoned ship once Troy, Michael, and Emmitt were gone.

20. I watch garbage on TV because I can't believe what people will do for money and fleeting fame. Also, I don't really have to pay attention to what goes on in these shows. This works for me since my kids (including my husband) are always wanting me to do something for them.

21. Can you tell I'm cynical and sarcastic to boot!?!?

22. I never had a hard time with any of my PC games until I wanted to get all experts on Dress Shop Hop. Mrey responded to my SOS and helped me out on that one. She replayed the whole thing in a day...just for me. That's why I'm glad she's here too. She's a better friend than most people I meet in everyday life!

23. Hobbit Hollow has taught me what a gaming community should be like! Thanks Latte, Pinky, Gable, Steeler and my buddies mentioned above for making me welcome and helping me through the WD3 fiasco. 

24. I have always wanted to go to Australia, so anyone who reads this please send pictures (or a plane ticket)!

25. I get to retire in 11 years!!!!!

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Wonder where RjX_'s 25 things list is???    scottie  *Darby looks under couch* Nope, not there! 


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Geez I believe you will have to make one for Rj Latte.

Joeswife I identify with some of your about me comments....but I will let you figure them out. If I say which ones I will open myself for comments from the peanut gallery.

May your troubles be less,may your blessings be more,and may nothing but happiness come through your door

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lol. Actually that was 26 things about Joeswife....and yes, you are similar to Gable in some ways.


The Peanut Gallery

*see gable! I didnt say anything really I didnt!! I like to reserve my silly comments for Summerleigh. lol*

Darby doesnt have time to look further for his list, she's having a bit of tummy upset again today...but she's hoping Sammy will find it soon.


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Okay, so I had 2 #5s! Now they have been combined.

Give me a number that applies to Gable. Please...


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1. Ugh! I will turn 40 this year. I don't feel it or look it, so it's really pretty
painless. (unlike Latte who looks her 40 yrs)

2. For some reason I have been possessed to get married one time even though I function better on my own and am not fond of being a wife.

5. I am a stubborn, independent youngest child. I love organizing anything and everything, crunching numbers, and making graphs. If I want something done right, I'll do it myself or tell you how I want it done. Wonder why people don't like that?

12. I am a tomboy. I played volleyball, softball, during my school years and a bit in college.( I now despise sports)

16. My 10-year-old daughter is the smartest kid around! Just ask me, and I'll tell you all about her!
Can you tell I'm proud?

I like mushrooms

20. I don't watch  TV because I can't believe what people will do for money and fleeting fame. Also, I don't really have to pay attention to what goes on in these shows. This works for me since my kids (including my husband) are always wanting me to do something for them.

21. Can you tell I'm cynical and sarcastic to boot!?!?

and I am sure there are many more

May your troubles be less,may your blessings be more,and may nothing but happiness come through your door

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Aw, I feel special.. I love your silly comments..

I just saved money on my Mental Insurance by switching to Psycho!

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lol. I just said you were going to say those things Gable! lol. I was right! Except I forgot to put the thing about you liking mushrooms...which I knew. I didnt put the thing about turning 40 and not looking it cuz I've seen you old woman! lol.


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Yep don't look 40 and don't feel 40.... I look and feel a lot older I mean a lot!!

Yeah I know but I didn't read yours(wasn't really paying attention again) lol I just copy and pasted from Joeswife

May your troubles be less,may your blessings be more,and may nothing but happiness come through your door

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Wow I have missed a lot and since no one has said random things about me (Gable nor Latte) I guess i will have to post some boring things. I must say I didnt realize Gable would be 40 yrs old but enought on her, here is all the boring things on now try and stay awake....drinks with caffeine will be served during this....enjoycoffeecup

25 I mean random things about Margaret:

1. I am 33 yrs old
2. I have 4 kids
3. I have 3 daughters 10 yrs old and twins who are 6
4. My son is 2
5. I will be married 9 yrs this month party
6. I have lost 20 pounds so far
7. I am a stay at home mom
 O geez only at number 7....ugh :frustrated:
8. My daughter has made honor roll since she has been in school Go Kaytlynn
9. I love computer games
10. I am totally addicted to Facebook
11. I am related to Gable, but most of you know
12. I dont smoke
13. I dont drink unless you have  dr. pepper on hand
14. I have never done drugs
15. I wish i was more adventurous, but most would say haveing 4 kids is an adventure
16. Need another vacation
17. Met my hubby online 12 yrs ago...damn internet...lmbo
18. Would love to have more money
19. I am Christian
20. I am very independent
21. I love music
22. I am amazed at how smart my kids are, cause i am not the smartest cookie in the jar.
23. I have a degree in business
24.  I love football...GO GIANTS AND 49ERS
25. I love Hockey...GO DETROIT RED WINGS

omg that was horrible yall can wake up now :sleepy:
so there ya ago sorry I am so boring no real excitment now or when i was younger


In the mood for a game.

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I see I have been gone a long time cause something wierd has happened to Summer and Latte's


In the mood for a game.

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Welcome back, Margy!! :-)  I wondered where you had run off to, lol. 


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Nice to see you here, Margy!  Don't be such a stranger, now!  Smile.


Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves -- for they shall never cease to be amused.

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Thank you


In the mood for a game.

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