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Disney Trip

Well I got to get off Latte's naughty list lol I do enough myself to say on that damn list lmao.

The trip was wonderful !!! Had beautiful weather the whole time expect for Thursday it was cold and it rained not just rained but really rained lol.  We cut that day short it was just cold and miserable.

Oh gosh my two favorite rides I loved loved the Aerosmith ride.  Now mind you Im not biggest roller coaster fan lol I think I have panic attacks but once I get on them I love t hem and then ride them back to back lol.

My gosh that Areosmith one hubby got me into the front row and zoom zoom from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds geesh louise and its dark he didnt bother to tell me that part lol.  I had no idea I was going upside down till I saw it coming

And the new one they just put in Expedition Everset oh my god that was cool as heck !!  I got onto that one and I saw we going up a big hill about 200 foot up the scenery was beautiful mind you and you go into this dark cave and then boom all of a sudden you stop the track is broken.  Okay by now I know we are goign to go back wards and all I can think is Oh my god Im going to go back down that same big hill we just came up and Im sitting in the back seat.
All of a sudden boom we start going backwards but it was a different track and then you stop again and then you go foward again.
That was the best ride I believe well between that one and AreoSmith lol.

Tower of Terror poor hubby left with fingernail marks in his thighs lmao.  My butt came off the seat and I about freaked.   But wh en they open the doors so you can see the park its beautiful you sigh a sign of relief and then they drop your butt and shoot you back up again goodness.

The food I have never seen so much food on a plate before., but thank goodness we  had that dining card.  We got lunch and dinner and two snacks .  We had so many snacks left over we had to go around and get our snacks before we left since we already pd for them. Time you got done with your two meals you was stuffed.

My legs and feet never hurt so bad in my dang life lmao.  Time we would get back to the hotel at night we all was limping we would take a shower and we all would be alseep within minutes .

Latte I have some pictures up on my site if you would like to see them.  They are in the chatter lounge please come on over and see them if you would like.  Im going to put up some more after the Holidays are over with .

I had a wonderful time and hubby and I are going back in 4 yrs for our 20th anniversay and its just going to be me and him this time around .  But this time we are going to hit Sea World and Universal we so much want to go see the new Harry Potter theme park that is going to be opening up this coming yr.



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Oh thats sooo cool. I wanna see Expedition Everest. Havent seen it yet, but I've seen the Yeti on tv. Looks like he would slobber on me!

Aerosmith gives me a headache. lol. All the rides at MGM studios do, music so loud and I bang my darn head on half of them. *Advil*

I didnt go on Tower Of Terror. My dad went with my best friend and I could hear him screaming, so I said no. :P Wonder if you saw the show they project on the water, oh gosh, what is it called, its at MGM at night, Fantasia???

Universal has TheHulk. A big green scream machine rollercoaster, exact same as Aerosmith except outside. :) Oh and they have Dueling Dragons!!! That is so scaring when another rollercoaster is coming at you.

You will have so much fun!!!! lol. Thanks for the update. I will stop by soon!!! I want to see your hair standing up on your head!! Cuz I know it was! lol.


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OMG. These trips which I'll never get forever maybe :S
Well these trips are amazing, wish I could get one, especially the Tower of Terror one.

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