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Word Wizard

tending to redress.
growing raw, sore, or painful again.
having the legs covered with feathers; -- said of a bird.
of, pertaining to, or designating, emotion or suffering.
having no respect; without regard; regardless.

that which remains after a supply, or beyond a quantity proposed; surplus.
the branch of science which treats of ornithichnites.
the orotund mode of intonation.
the state of being an ordinary.

to cross each other, as lines.
to convert into, or to impregnate with, sugar.
to cut off.
to intermeddle with the effects or goods of another.
to root deeply.

to make effective from an earlier date; to make retroactive.
to coat or to polish with black lead (graphite).
to loose from a muzzle; to remove a muzzle from.
to dabble; to sprinkle or wet.
to pay the costs of; as, who will bankroll the restoration of the former east german economy?.

instinct; incitement; inspiration.
pressure acting within.
a fisherman; an angler.
the quality or state of being insoluble; insolubility.

a sum of money to be used as petty cash.
the act of imparting, or the thing imparted.
a flowering; the putting forth and unfolding of blossoms.
ludicrous representation; exaggerated parody; grotesque satire.
uncertainty; doubtfulness; doubt.

a genus of birds comprising the mynas.
an excessive reverence for, or fear of, that which is unknown or mysterious.
a family comprising the lancelets.
one affected with anglomania.
a combination of alloxanic acid and a base or base or positive radical.

of or pertaining to a parallax.
comblike in form.
exceedingly happy.
suitable to be patented; capable of being patented.

to stone.
to conduct or contribute to a public journal; to follow the profession of a journalist.
to daub or catch with glue or birdlime; to entangle with glutinous matter.
to place in juxtaposition.
to hook, or draw to one's self as with a hook.

one who holds a false religious faith; a misbeliever.
an incorrect statement.
an english freeholder, or substantial householder.
skill of a marksman.
the union of man and woman as husband and wife; the nuptial state; marriage; wedlock.

one who speaks for another.
any one of a group of fishes having the dorsal and anal fins partially covered with scales.
a carbonate containing an excess of the basic constituent.
a person or thing beyond the number stated.
a glutton.

capable of being dissolved, or separated into component parts; capable of being liquefied; soluble.
of or pertaining to diastole.
pertaining to dimension.
not made by brewing; unmixed; pure; genuine.
having a face resembling that of a dog.

containing, or consisting of, a fourth part; as, quarterly seasons.
appearing or acting for another; representing.
flowering on the branches.
conceited and arrogant; imperious.

the woodbine or honeysuckle.
a surgical procedure for the cure or relief of hernia; celotomy.
the doctrines of the gymnosophists.
a picrate compound, used as an explosive in blasting.
a fabulous winged animal, half horse and half griffin.

having ten points or teeth.
pertaining to, or characterized by, insurrection; rebellious; seditious.
between sesamoid bones; as, intersesamoid ligaments.
capable of being mutually communicated.

May your troubles be less,may your blessings be more,and may nothing but happiness come through your door
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