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Post Info TOPIC: Word Wizard 07/20/09

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Word Wizard 07/20/09

The only consonant you need in these answers is the letter C. Should be enough clues that you can find the answers even if you don't know the words.

1. Remember, the only consonant you need throughout this quiz is C! (Y is a consonant)...The chemical symbol for the element Copper. Answer: (2 letters)

2. If you are not there, you are _________. (Oh, but you have to spell it in French!)
Answer: (3 letters)

3. "Theobroma ________," the plant from which "the food of the Gods" is derived.
Answer: (5 letters)

4. The name of powder made from the beans of question 3, and also of drinks made from the powder
Answer: (5 letters)

5. This dolphin's video game won "Best Adventure Game" for 2000.
Answer: (4 letters)

6. You might be an expert and have one up your sleeve, or in the hole.
Answer: (3 letters)

7. A coast city of Peru, about 180 miles south of Lima, and location of mysterious carved stones.
Answer: (3 letters)

8. Dihydrogen oxide in the solid state.
Answer: (3 letters)

9. The signal or motion to begin, especially on stage.
Answer: (3 letters)

10. Ms. Winans of pop Gospel music fame.
Answer: (4 letters)

11. A river of Colombia, flowing north to Magdalena.
Answer: (5 letters)

12. Acronym for the ward where you find the most seriously ill or injured patients in the hospital.
Answer: (3 letters)

13. The plural ending to Strepto_____ or Staphylo______.
Answer: (5 letters)

14. First name (nickname) of fashion designer Chanel who changed women's fashion in the 20th century.
Answer: (4 letters)

15. The tropical plant for which a major soft drink is named.
Answer: (4 letters)

May your troubles be less,may your blessings be more,and may nothing but happiness come through your door

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1. CU
6. Ace
8. Ice
9. Cue
10. Cece
12. ICU
13. Cocci
14. Coco   

confuse.gif no idea on the


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Here's a few more.

2.   Ici
3.   Cacao
4.   Cocoa
7.   Ica

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5. Ecco
11. Cauca
15. Coca


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Word Wizard 07/21/09

nice ladies!!

Two words are given. Cross out the common letters of both words and then choose from the letters left for answer. Letters are not scrambled. Instructions that are more explicit are given."

1. WORKED EXAMPLE(1) My first is in tent but not in camped = My first letter of the mystery word is in the word 'tent' but this letter is not in the word 'camped'. (2) Cross out the letters that are in tent that are also in camped. Therefore, the first letter of the word can be 't' or 'n'.(3) For the second letter do the same. Cross out the common letters that are in both 'sole' and 'fish' - second letter choice is 'o', 'l' or 'e'. (4)Continue through to the fifth letter. Choices will have to be made as which letters are used from those that have not been crossed out to make the word that fits the clue. The letters are not scrambled.

What type of medical mixture am I?
My first is in tent but not in camped.
My second is in sole but not in fish.
My third is in once but not in twice.
My fourth is in kin but not in aunty.
My fifth is in second but not in seventh.
Answer: (5 Letters)

2. I am a gem.
My first is in opal but not in pin.
My second is in animal but not in mammal.
My third is in flying but not in airplane.
My fourth is in sixty but not in seventy.
Answer: (4 Letters)

3. This is a business profession often connected to offices.
My first is in ocean but not in red.
My second is in autumn but not in winter.
My third is in doctor but not in veterinary.
My fourth is in sight but not in glasses.
My fifth is in stop but not in cease.
My sixth is in oral but not in verbal.
My seventh is in rubbish but not in basket.
Answer: (7 Letters)

4. What type of person am I?
My first is in angle but not in reflex.
My second is in exit but not in entrance.
My third is in apple but not in lemon.
My fourth is in pencil but not in paper.
My fifth is in tree but not in flower.
Answer: (5 Letters)

5. I am a team sport.
My first is in diet but not in slender.
My second is in cake but not in pie.
My third is in nose but not in sniff.
My fourth is in ashes but not in cinders.
My fifth is in stool but not in table.
My sixth is in clean but not in neat.
My seventh is in kayak but not in boat.
My eighth is in meal but not in snack.
My ninth is in yellow but not in blue.
Answer: (Two Words - 3 and 6 Letters)

6. I am a male actor.
My first is in trivia but not in serious.
My second is in table but not in coffee.
My third is in heap but not in stash.
My fourth is in orange but not in green.
My fifth is in coffee but not in bean.
My sixth is in five but not in ten.
My seventh is in now but not in where.
My eighth is in oyster but not in pearl.
Answer: (Two Words - 2 and 6 Letters)

7. This word can be used to describe a female person.
My first is in swallow but not in loon.
My second is in trifle but not in cream.
My third is in forest but not in trees.
My fourth is in streets but not in roads.
Answer: (4 Letters)

8. What type of weather am I?
My first is in search but not in detective.
My second is in ugly but not in gross.
My third is in sultan but not in Arabian.
My fourth is in tree but not in acorn.
My fifth is in Russian but not in Spanish.
My sixth is in hybrid but not in mixture.
Answer: (6 Letters)

9. This is a form of building and tourist attraction.
My first is in trap but not in net.
My second is in rye but not in corn.
My third is in search but not in seek.
My fourth is in Anne but not in Ingrid.
My fifth is in mummy but not in daddy.
My sixth is in city but not in town.
My seventh is in dish but not in plates.
Answer: (7 Letters)

10. I am a toy and a decoration.
My first is in abode but not in house.
My second is in water but not in river.
My third is in laundry but not in dryer.
My fourth is in solar but not in heaters.
My fifth is in open but not in gap.
My sixth is in hope but not in despair.
My seventh is in nice but not in smile.
Answer: (7 Letters)

11. I am a type of artwork and reading matter.
My first is in scare but not in fear.
My second is in apple but not in plum.
My third is in sugar but not in cane.
My fourth is in suite but not in dresser.
My fifth is in four but not in five.
My sixth is in poppy but not in pansy.
My seventh is in night but not in time.
Answer: (7 Letters)

12. This is a form of painting.
My first is in carousel but not in roundabout.
My second is in rubber but not in tyre.
My third is in beauty but not in pretty.
My fourth is in America but not in Europe.
My fifth is in silent but not in quiet.
My sixth is in room but not in area.
Answer: (6 Letters)

13. I am a clothing accessory.
My first is in emerge but not in debut.
My second is in icicle but not in colder.
My third is in August but not in July.
My fourth is in Arctic but not in ocean.
My fifth is in record but not in disc.
My sixth is in moon but not in beam.
Answer: (6 Letters)

14. What form of entertainment am I that children love (and often adults too)?
My first is in courage but not in bravery.
My second is in ibis but not in stork.
My third is in mare but not in stable.
My fourth is in cape but not in mask.
My fifth is in fur but not in fox.
My sixth is in isle but not in land.
Answer: (6 Letters)

15. This is a place which is often found in hot places.
My first is in copy but not in ape.
My second is in pause but not in stop.
My third is in insect but not in reptile.
My fourth is in window but not in door.
My fifth is in solid but not in ground.
Answer: (5 Letters)

May your troubles be less,may your blessings be more,and may nothing but happiness come through your door

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RE: Word Wizard 07/20/09

I hope you all don't mind this one too much....these kind are kinda my favorite word puzzles...

May your troubles be less,may your blessings be more,and may nothing but happiness come through your door

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1. Tonic
2. Onyx
3. Auditor
4. Giant
5. Ice Hockey

Alright JW and Junks....your turn. :)


Humor is truly the best medicine.

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As you asked so nicely RRoselyn, here goes!

9.   Pyramid
10. Balloon
12. Cubism
13. Mitten
15. Oasis

I intend to live forever....... so far so good!

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6. Al Pacino
7. wife
8. sultry
14. circus


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11.  Cartoon!

I intend to live forever....... so far so good!
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