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Daily Trivia 06/30/09

1In the cartoon series "The Simpsons", who is Charles Montgomery Burns?
The owner of the Kwik-E-Mart
The principal of the school
One of Homer's drinking buddies
The owner of the power plant

29.gif Religion Roman Catholicism: Catholic Stations of the Cross


2The twelfth station is "Jesus dies on the cross". Which of the following words are recorded in the Bible as spoken by Jesus just before He died?
"Father, into Thy hands I commend My spirit".
"Remember My promises"
"I shall return"
"Remember Me"

7.gif Movies Movies Grab Bag: Movies on My Shelf


3This movie features some characters named Lucy, Henry, and 10-Second Tom. Lucy has a memory loss. What is the title of this movie?
The Island
The Incredibles
The Day After Tomorrow
50 First Dates

1.gif Animals Edentates (Sloth, Anteater, etc): A Day in the Life of Brady P. Sloth


4A sloth leads a lonely life, especially the poor Bradypus. Every so often though, a special lady will come by. Which of these four methods will our friend Brady NOT use to attract his lady friend?
Spreading scent from neck glands
Flowers and a box of chocolates
Marking territories with dung
Emitting bleating and whistling noises

15.gif Geography Kuwait: All About Kuwait


5What is the name of the ruling family of Kuwait?

9.gif Sci / Tech Alternative Medicine: Vitamins The Good And Bad


63. What disease is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)?

12.gif World Maritime: Famous Ships, Boats and Sailors


7Which of these ships was highjacked?
Charlotte Dundas
Grand Princess
Rainbow Warrior
Achille Lauro

22.gif Humanities Dance: Famous Dancers


8This Russian ballerina is the most famous classical ballerina ever, having danced many of the major ballet roles. Who is she?
Yolanda Perth
Joanne Bungay
Marita Kensington
Anna Pavlova

14.gif History First Fleet: The First Fleet


9The captain was worried about this disease - hence he took a lot of food to combat this particular disease.Which disease am I talking about?
None of these

8.gif Music Music by Year: Oldies Mania: Part 1


10Who is known as the "King of Rock-n-Roll"?
John Lennon
Elvis Presley
Fats Domino
Chuck Berry

19.gif Literature Literary Characters: Characters in Literature


11What novel follows the adventures of Scout and Jem, and their involvement with Boo Radley and their father Atticus?
Johnny Tremaine
Treasure Island
To Kill a Mockingbird

25.gif Hobbies Flowers & Plants: Flowers Speak the Language of Love


12As with most high school relationships, this love affair does end. Romeo breaks things off with Juliet by sending her this bloom. (Sounds like a little horse.)

10.gif Sports Badminton: Badminton History


13What do the initials IBF stand for?
The International Badminton Facts Club
There is no such thing as the IBF
Interesting Badminton Facts Club
The International Badminton Federation

21.gif People Who Am I?: Who am I? Part III


14I was an individual held in high esteem in my community, but on Aug 4th, 1892 in Fall River Massachusetts, that reputation became tarnished for I was charged with murder. Who am I?
Emma Borden
Andrew Borden
Lizzie Borden
Bridget Sullivan

24.gif Celebrities Foxworthy, Jeff: Jeff Foxworthy: "You Might Be A Redneck If ..."


15Jeff tells the story of how he and his wife stayed at his mom's house when he went to his brother's wedding. What strange thing happens while he is there?
his mother's dog dies in front of everyone
his brother's wedding gets called off
he sees his grandma naked
a tornado rolls through and kills 5 of his relatives

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