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Post Info TOPIC: 1980's Arcade 'casual' game remakes?

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1980's Arcade 'casual' game remakes?

Anybody who loved the arcade scene in the 1980s please feel free to add to the discussion....Although.... I posted this in other places and nobody seems to be interested:( I guess it is because I am a 33 year old male and I do not fit into the typical casual gamer demographic....


Most of the arcade games from the 1980s are endless-they keep going and going and the levels get to a point where they are almost impassable.


Ms. Pacman and Pacman have 256 levels although most people do not get past level 8 or 9.

Q*bert has 36 levels, but once you beat all 36, you start over at level 9-1. Once you beat 9-4 for the second time, you go back to level 9-1 again and you keep going. (I know this because when I was 9, I set a record in a Florida Arcade by playing this game for 2 hours using 1 quarter!)


Ok, so here is my list..


Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong 3


Q*Bert - There is a QBert 2004 and 2005 but they have problems with Vista.

Ms. Pacman- How about a quest mode?


Frogger, Super Pacman, Jr Pacman, Pacmania, Pacland, Popeye, Amidar, Rampage, Paperboy, Punchout, Joust, Pang, Mr. Do, Dig Dug,  Mappy, Flicky, Kangaroo, Road Runner,  Mousetrap, Elevator Action, Centipede, Rally X, Phoenix, Galaga, Zaxxon...


Also how about some Atari 2600 remakes- Enduro, Kaboom, Megamania, Keystone Kapers, Pitfall, River Raid and others... (Activision ruled at the time)


Anybody please add to the list!


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I was just telling Steelerfan that Namco released Burger Time Deluxe...I'm trying to get a copy from Namco.....

My favorites were Frogger...which truthfully never got harder, just faster....I dropped a ton of quarters in our local arcade on that game.

And Galaga and Galaxian. My all time favorites. I dont need to see updated versions though, cuz the old ones are so classic, still fun to play them.

Don, I dont know if you have ever played the flash arcade games on this site, but steelerfan and Ljot have us all beat....if you want to knock them off their pedestals. lol.


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hey now latte lol.  I dont get to stay at number one for long gosh come to think of it I dont think I ever get number one on score boards let me enjoy my moment lol.

shhhh now



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Missile Command ...Atari  that one raised the spaz factor quite high.
Adventures of Lolo...nes
Crusty the Clown......nes
Legend of Zelda...nes
Super Mario 1, 2 & 3.... nes

Just another small country heard from.
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