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Post Info TOPIC: 4/21/09

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Good Morning Gang, it's a rainy day in this part of The Hollow this morning.  We're at 43f/6c and that's the way it's supposed to stay all day however they are saying we might be in the upper 70's by the weekend.  (It's a long time til then and so they have plenty of time to change it.)
Over at The Pond this morning they brought out Diaper Dash if anyone still needs it.
The free GameHouse game is Charm Tale 2, a puzzle that looks somewhat interesting. 
RA has The Count Of Monte Cristo, it's only been out about a year.  So if anyone wants a Real Old HOG, now is your chance.  btw BFG has it on sale for .99 .
Other than that there doesn't seem to be anything new at the main portals.
I tried Winemaker Extraordinaire last night.  It's almost identical to Chocolatier with a wine making theme.   Not a bad game but it probably would have been more enjoyable if it had been the first to incorporate tycoon, puzzle and arcade action all in one. I've got some credits piling up so I'll probably wind up getting it.
I made it through about 10 minutes of Plan It Green before I couldn't take it anymore.  I agree there is a lot more that can be done to make our planet eco-friendly but the premise of the game seems to be counter-intuitive to reaching that goal.  This bal requires you to make changes to or build homes that are more eco friendly.  All well and good, but the way you earn money to make your goal is by charging more property taxes.  Their message may be lost to those they are encouraging to change when they reinforce the tax situation.  I also play a game to get away from the problems our society faces and don't really want to be reminded they exist.
I'm wrapping up Turbo Subs today.  Pinky and others, I'm not sure if you noticed but all of the orders are hinged upon what order you pick up the money.  If you pick it up in the same pattern when you replay a level the pattern of the orders stays the same.  Soda and cakes orders are interchangeable but the order and type of subs, coffee and cotton candy will be the same if you pick up the cash the same way every time.  If you have a good memory and can remember the order you cash everyone out you can prepare exactly what you need in advance when you replay the level.  (I know, I picked a heck of time to tell you that, lol)
Not sure what I'll clean off of my desktop today.  I'll probably try Amelies Cafe too and maybe Ice Cream Craze Tycoon.  If I do get Winemaker Extraordinaire that may be my main game for a few days.
Whatever part of The Hollow you're in, I hope you have a great one.

Just another small country heard from.

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'Mornin', Rob!

lol, yeah you did pick a heck of a time to mention the tip about the money pick up. But I figured that one out on my own a while back and did manage to memorize the food order in some levels.  How do ya think I managed to get so close to your score? lol (j/k).  But it was near impossible to memorize the orders on the levels where they all order double subs, ugh!  I played a bit yesterday and couldn't even match my scores, much less top them, so I think I'm done for now.  When it begins to be more aggravating than fun, time to stop, lol.  But I had a blast playing the challenge with you, and actually got a higher score than I ever imagined I could. 

If you play Amelie's Cafe, let me know if you make it passed Cafe 2, Day 12.  It's a real doozy and I'm stuck there.  May need to go replay some previous levels for expert in order to have better upgrades.  Planning to also get Ice Cream Craze Tycoon next at BFG.  I really wish there was a goal with a score though rather than just how fast you finish the game. Also still need to try the First Peek of Diner Town Detective Agency so will probably do that one today too.

Have a great day, everyone, and Happy Gaming!!!!!! girly



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