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Wedding Dash 1 Champ Steelerfan1
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After her recent win  of the Wedding Dash Challenge Steeler was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

How long have you been playing video games?
a.  Oh gosh now this makes me feel soo old lol.  Atari. Mom and dad got me that one and I got hooked on Pacman. Would spend hrs playing that  game. I cant stand that game now.

What game got you 'hooked' on video games?
a.  Video games on Tv had to be Atari, after that every new system that came out I had to have lol.  For PC it was Diner Dash. I picked it up at Walmart  and boy did a whole new world open up for me lol.  Now, Im a PC junkie with games much more then Video games .  I still love playing my guitar hero and compete against hubby.

What's your favorite TM game?
a.   hmm that is a toughie .  I would have to say Doggie Dash. I love the cats and dogs since Im a huge animal lover.  My next one would be Wedding Dash and Parking Dash.  They are like a big puzzle to me figuring out the best way to put the pieces together if that makes sense lol.

Other than TM games what type of games do you enjoy?
a.I do enjoy a good HOG once inawhile.  It gives my mind a break from the fast pace games of TM games.  But, I love games like Return to Ravenhurst, Dracula Origin.  I enjoy them long games that you cant complete in just two hrs or so.   I like how they intermix HOG, with puzzles and quests.  Some role playing games.  Diablo and Diablo 2 was my favorite of all time for role playing games and anxiously awaiting for the third one to come out.
And for Video  Games Im addicted to Guitar Hero.  I always try to beat hubby when playing him havent mastered that yet especially on the new one that came out Metallica I dont really like their music but I will get him one of these days that is my goal lol.

What was the most difficult part of the game?
a.  Oh gosh no doubt level 5 those levels gave me fits and trying to beat Sefke scores at the same time.  Alot of hair pulling and not so many nice words coming out of my mouth lol

Do you allow the guest line to fill up before seating or seat them 2 or 3 at a time as they come in?
a. I always allowed the guests to fill up first.  I would wait for about two sets before I would start seating that way I would know who to sit where . That way I can let them sit for a few minutes and then collect gifts waiting for more people to show up.

When seating guests and you couldn't fulfill both guest seating request how did you choose which one to satisfy?
a.  I had alot of them problems in level 5. I would always seat the one first that ate fast. Just collect his gift feed him and then sit the other one and then collect all the gifts.  It would cut  you close on things, but if you use your blaster in the right time frame I would be okay.

Do you have a certain time you use the champagne or confetti blaster?
a.  For each level it was different.  I had to replay many levels  many many times to learn habits from people and patience levels.   I would wait if I could to use the blaster when I was done collecting gifts, that way you dont lose points serving people especially when you have large tables .  Champagne.  There was many levels that I didnt even use all the Champagne that was there.  When I had to use it especially the harder levels I would wait till the last possible minute to use it.  I even sometimes sacrafised some points not to use it to early .

Out of all of the characters which one gave you the biggest grin?
a.  I dont know about the biggest grin but the most cussing would be Chuck.  Man , that guy was hard to deal with because he was so low on patience

Do you have any tips for playing TM games?
a. Patience and lots and lots of practice. There is many times Im so sick of playing a level, but to master it and to get as many points as you can get, you need to replay to learn habits from people .
I think the most important thing though you have to enjoy the game first. If you dont like the game *cough cough* poopy dash then it will be a drag for you.  And you wont try as hard .
Ask for help.  Even though these are challenges and maybe  prizes involved ask a person that has a high score ask how they did it. I was always asking Cinaberry on dairy dash how she got them high scores lol. We have a great group here that is willing to lend a hand out or give you some tips. 

Thanks Steeler and congrats on an excellent game.   And thank you to everyone who has helped make this one of the best challenges yet.

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Congrats, again, Steeler!!! Awesome score!!!  Nice interview.   I love that you don't mind sharing your secrets on the challenges, lol.  You must have the patience of Jobe to have kept replaying those levels over and over again.  Great job!!!


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oh thanks Pinky,  I dont mind at all sharing tips on these challenges.  You all might do what I suggest and find a better way to do things you just never know :o)



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You go girl!!!!!panda


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