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Mega Millions

10 Insurance Workers in New Jersey have won the latest lottery in the US, a total of $215 million.  After taxes and splitting the winnings, they will each receive $8 million in cash, one time payment.

Do you play the lottery?

Have you ever won?

What would you do if you won $8 million and is it different than what you would have done with it before the Economic Recession?


I have played the lottery a few times.  Most notably on two occasions.  One when my mom was in the hospital and we thought she could die, as the doctors couldn't find out her issue after a month of black nasty stuff accumulating in her tummy....I kinda thought, hey, we need some luck here, so I bought 3 lottery tickets for fun, because it was a large prize, and my mom, dad, and I all watched the lottery drawing from her hospital room. We didnt win.

Another time, PowerBall was $250 million in 2001.  The roads in Philly were packed with people from other nearby states trying to get tickets.  My dad was on his way to the airport for a trip to France, and he had a stroke when he reached the airport.  On the drive up to the hospital I thought, hey, I might as well buy some lottery tickets, we could certainly use some luck right about now.  Days later, 9-11 happened.  We didnt win. That was a bad month, understatement.

A year ago, the NC lottery did a "unique" lottery, where you paid $20 per ticket, for a drawing, no numbers, just a drawing of a preprinted ticket. Kinda like a raffle.   I didn't win. 

I have played a few scratch off cards over the years, but everytime I win $5, I buy 5 more tickets and lose. lol.

But if I DID WIN....

I would pay off my car and my cc bill.  Then I would quit my job.  I would pay off what little remains of my parents mortgage.  None of my other relatives have any mortgages, they are all paid off...but I could buy my parents a vacation beach house in Virigina Beach.  My mom would LOVE that.  And I would buy myself one too....but not near hers. She drives me crazy at times. lol. Maybe in NC or SC or FL.  Just a small cottage with a big porch and a porch swing and big yard in front of the beach.  Then I would probably travel the world with a couple of friends or bf or whomever wanted to go along with me! And I would bring Darby!! She could have all the cookies and treats she wanted.  When I came home, I would run a little espresso bar/gelato/cafe near the beach. 


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I do play the lottery but I dont put alot into it. Just five dollars and if its really big maybe 10 lol.

If I had won that money, I would pay off my house donate it to someobdy that was homeless, go get me my house of my dreams which is a one story house with a pool and hot tub in the masterbed room lol. 

I would pay off my parents debts because if it wasnt for them we wouldnt have the house we have now which I hate now lol, and hubby wouldnt be where he is now without my mom and dad.

I would help my sister and her hubby out.  She has CP and they dont make enough money for a bird to live on so I would help them out.

My best friend that lives 20 min from me . She has been my girlfriend since we was both 4 yrs old we grew up on the same street together.  We always promised each other if one of us hits it big we would pay off each other debts .

The rest I would  put in a college fund for my boy and go on a shopping quest lol.



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We buy lottery tickets a few times a month when we remember. Usually 2 or 3 bucks worth. The funny thing is that a lot of times we forget to check them. We just have them lying around until we get around to checking them online. Hubby buys scratch offs a few times a month. He is actually pretty lucky with them. Half of the time he wins his money back or another ticket. A couple months ago he won $50.

If I ever won the lottery I would give my parents and sister lots of money. I would buy my brother a house and car and give him some money (hes too careless with money). I would give other members of my family and friends some also. I would buy a little land, nothing huge, maybe 5 acres. Build my dream house. Put my kids in the best school, preferably one that focuses on art and music. I would take my grandma to Hawaii since shes always wanted to go. We would travel all over. I would put the majority in an interest building savings for my kids when they are older. Ah, its nice to dream.

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