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Post Info TOPIC: The Drama Of A Drama Free Site

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The Drama Of A Drama Free Site

I don't want drama on this site.  That is the first thing I spoke to our group of mods about, and why we have so many already on a new site like this.  In fact, that is the main reason for this site's creation.

That doesn't mean that minor drama hasn't occurred or actions haven't been taken already.  It's just that I have asked our team to delete trouble makers, ghost accounts, double accounts, trolls, etc. and to NOT post about it anywhere.  And I think they are doing an excellent job of creating a peaceful friendly environment. (Hugs)  I wanted to let everyone know they are on top of it, and to not be upset that I asked them to do so quietly.  Sometimes people think it's the users right to be informed of what is going on, but that just adds to more drama. So we've decided against it, unless it's something that we can not control or a breach of your personal info security.  Then we will let everyone know immediately, through group email.  But as you don't enter too much info here on your profile, we will be fine.

With recent posts in the PlayGround from shared users of our site, regarding their mod team not communicating with the users about known issues, I guess I just wanted to say that all sites have people that try to create drama or troll. And sometimes, feeding the trolls is exactly what they want, hence why mods do not respond, but simply take care of it behind the scenes. 

We are not the internet police and can not control what others do elsewhere on the many sites we visit.  We can only control here at home.  No members will ever remain that cause trouble here at Hobbit Hollow. I can only treat people as they have treated me, and as long as they play nicely here at Hobbit Hollow, we are good.  That is our mission here, a drama free play area.  

If you ever have a concern though or something our team missed, please PM me directly.  I never want to lose a site user over perceived inactivity of our mod squad.  You guys are important.  Online friends rock!

Plus, you taste good! *lick, lick*


Hobbit Hollow Games

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Ooo maybe I should have told you first, I have this really itchy contagious rash. I hope for everyone else's sake you licked me last.

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Oh God! Me too Summer! Ewww! lmao.gif 
 In all seriousness, Thank you so very much Latte! As long as this site stays the way it is now(fun and drama free) with ya'll taking care of things as soon as they happen,  and all of our personal info stays safe, that's all I personally need to know. So thank you and huge kudos to all of you working to make this happen. 

Allll though, info about the trouble makers would make for some juicy gossip. laughing.gif  Joking!

Take care and I hope ya'll have a wonderful and safe night.
Love & hugs, Marty

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I trust you and the mod squad to keep the site fun and drama free, never a doubt in my mindaww


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I think I'm gettin the warm fuzzies from reading this. 

<------breathing a sigh of relief in a troll free environment.  (essentially)

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